Cathedral Seniors Group    

Cathedral Seniors Group

The Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral Senior Citizens Council (The Cathedral Seniors) was formed to provide an organization to assist parish seniors with their spiritual, social and personal needs. These needs are addressed in several ways.

The Cathedral Seniors usually meet once a week on Thursdays at 10:00 AM. At these meetings the pastor, Bishop John Mack, reminds and encourages the Seniors to attend Mass, including special Holy Day Masses, and to encourage their family and friends to attend as well and give them spiritual direction when needed.

The weekly meetings are also a time to socialize with fellow parishioners. It is a time to exchange stories of the past, a time to talk about good times, a time to discuss medical issues, and a time to play cards for those who like to play. They also play Wii bowling on occasion! We invite groups to come and put on presentations such as the "Yellow Dot Program", "Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight", and "Wings of Hope". The Seniors also take this time to assist in parish activities, be it in Fish Fry preparation, making up boxes for Operation Christmas Child, or anywhere they can be of help.

Most importantly the meetings are a time for group prayer to provide comfort to those who are experiencing illness, surgery, or even death in their family. It is a time to let people know they are not alone.

The Cathedral Seniors also participate in field trips such as attending a performance at the Lancaster Opera House, go for a boat ride on the waterfront, or occasionally attend a group lunch at a restaurant.

Minimum age limit to join the Cathedral Seniors is 50 years. All are welcome, parishioners and non-parishioners as well. Dues are $12 a year.