About Us    

Holy Mother of the Rosary Parish is the Cathedral see of the
Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese of the National Catholic Church

Our Pastor is the Rt. Rev. John E. Mack. Our Assistant Pastor is Rev. Nadeem Yaqoob and our Deacon is Joseph A. Pasquella. We are a parish community that has been in existence since 1895. As a family-oriented community of catholic believers, we welcome those who share our traditional catholic beliefs to consider becoming members of our parish family.

You will find the members of our parish community to be warm, friendly and caring Catholic believers who live by their faith. Our Parish Mission includes spiritual, educational and faith building activities that are essential to every day Christian Life. Come and worship with us at Holy Mass, participate in our parish programs and join our Cathedral Family in its daily walk with Christ.



What are your needs? What are your concerns about family life, the world around us and what is happening in society in general in our modern age? We are a church that expresses traditional moral and spiritual values in our worship, religious teachings and in daily living.

Just a few of the important aspects of our parish/denomination

   - We provide spiritual, social and recreational needs for our parishioners
   - We provide spiritual instruction through liturgy, Adult Bible Class, Sunday School,
     Sacramental preparation
   - Marriage preparation
   - Adult Bible Study
   - Parish, Diocesan and National Programs for youth; Vacation Bible School
   - Young Men's Society of Resurrection
   - Senior Citizen's Group - Programs, fellowship and recreation for our seniors
   - Prayer Shawl Ministry - providing prayer shawls to those ailing or homebound
   - Seasonal days of retreat; adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament
   - We are a singing church that loves to lift our voices in praise: Traditional & Contemporary
     Choirs; Bell Choir
   - Drug dependency support group - "New Horizons" meets at our parish the first Wednesday
     of every month at 6:30 pm
   - We do not deny the Eucharist to those who are divorced or divorced and re-married
   - We honor our Eastern roots in ethnic tradition but all our liturgies are in English
   - We welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds